Alimentiv Health Trust Launches AcelaBio (US) Inc. Today

London, ON, CANADA, Release: April 14, 2021 – Alimentiv Health Trust, the parent company of Alimentiv, Inc. (formerly Robarts Clinical Trials), a specialized global gastrointestinal (GI) contract research organization (CRO), and McDougall Scientific Ltd., a niche CRO, announced today the launch of AcelaBio, a commercial state-of-the-art research laboratory delivering histopathology and precision medicine services for global clinical trials.

AcelaBio’s primary focus is to accelerate biomarker discovery and development by providing end-to-end specialty histopathology & precision medicine services for global clinical trials. This state-of-the-art laboratory has strong synergies with Alimentiv (CRO) that will enhance the ability to deliver clinical research to pharmaceutical and biotech industry partners.

“Delivering healthcare innovation through investment in research and development and new commercial entities is central to the purpose of the Trust,” said Jeff Smith, CEO Alimentiv and Trustee, Alimentiv Health Trust. “We are excited to launch AcelaBio which demonstrates this commitment.”

AcelaBio brings together people, technology, and science to deliver accurate and consistent high-quality data and digital pathology. 

“We are committed to improving patient health by delivering innovative histopathology and precision medicine services to develop new disease activity and biomarker assessments that enable efficient drug development and diagnoses,” said Dr. Niels Vande Casteele, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of California San Diego, and President of AcelaBio.

The AcelaBio laboratory is based in San Diego, California, United States, and is currently pursuing accreditation with the College of American Pathologists. AcelaBio will begin providing commercial laboratory research services, in the summer of 2021, to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, to enhance the understanding of disease mechanisms and support the development of safe and effective therapies for patients. 


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About the Alimentiv Health Trust

Companies under the Alimentiv Health Trust are commercial ventures driven by the Evergreen principles of purpose, people first, and long-term profitable growth.  

Alimentiv (CRO) is a global research organization providing clinical trials, central image management, and precision medicine services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Headquartered in London Ontario, Alimentiv employs approximately 400 people across its operations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Its unique model combines the efforts of leading, internationally recognized academic researchers with operational experts to offer integrated solutions to its customers. Founded in 1986 at the Robarts Research Institute, the clinical trials division was initially led by Dr. Henry Barnett.  In 1997, Dr. Brian Feagan, Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics at Western University assumed leadership and built upon the foundation of academic excellence by focusing the organization on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research. Over the past 20 years, Alimentiv has become recognized as an expert in clinical trial design, central image management solutions, outcome measure development, and precision medicine for drug development in IBD. Today, Alimentiv provides services in over 60 countries worldwide, collaborates with leading academic research institutions across the globe, and partners with many of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to bring new and improved treatment options to patients.  

About AcelaBio

AcelaBio (US) Inc. is a commercial state-of-the-art research laboratory delivering histopathology and precision medicine services for GI global clinical trials. It is wholly owned by the Alimentiv Health Trust and was created to meet the growing clinical research demand for quality and efficiency in laboratory service.

The state-of-the-art facility, located in San Diego, California, is built on deep expertise in clinical and precision medicine research to accelerate biomarker discovery and development. AcelaBio employs medical, scientific, and operational experts who are dedicated to delivering reliable, high-quality data and digital pathology. By investing in people, facilities, and technology, AcelaBio provides end-to-end histopathology and precision medicine services that meet today’s and tomorrow’s regulatory standards to support the development of safe and effective therapies for patients.   

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