Meet Vicky Lor From AcelaBio


Vicky provides support in the histology laboratory, specifically tasks related to specimen handling, accessioning, processing, scanning archiving and routine preparation of microscopic slides as well as support in maintaining laboratory instrumentation and ensure cleanliness. Additional to laboratory tasks, Vicky assists with office related administrative responsibilities including but not limited to, upkeep of documentation, ordering consumables/supplies and shipping documents and samples.


Vicky has worked in a laboratory setting for just over four years, with one year at Millennium Health and three years at Precision Diagnostics. Her time at Millennium was spent focusing on accessioning and she continued her expertise with that at Precision Diagnostics. After six months, Vicky was promoted as a Specimen Verification Specialist and shortly after to Accessioning Lead. Although Vicky has had some experience in revenue cycle, her focus and expertise is in accessioning.


“For my hustlers, here’s some motivation: he who has begun is half done.” – Nas

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